beVisTo Student Program - what is it? We all learn every day from good Internet content, many companies need such good content but they need your help to for the actual work.
How would it be, if you prepare important content for these companies and find not only the access to a potential employer but also a reference of the work you have done?
Exactly this is what the beVisTo Student Program does!

beVisTo Student Program

Here is how it works, choose those categories which areas you are studying and of course those languages you speak or can help. beVisTo is a global service and if you're speaking more languages then more companies you can global support and get to know. If companies in your area and your language request content, you get an invitation of Curations to create those for them! Show what you can do and find your way in the future!

By agree to the beVisTo Student Program you will or may invited by Email for doing specific research and create Curations for companies or institutions of those, who only has an agreement with beVisTo for such requests.
As the benefit for you, there is the opportunity to connect directly with individuals or organizations of any research you do for them.